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In recent years, due to the widespread application of virtual reality technology in the film and television industry, the first on-site 9DVR experience hall built with virtual reality technology as the mainstay has been realized. Since the first scene 9DVR experience pavilion was built, it has had a great influence in the film and television entertainment market. This experience pavilion allows viewers to experience the feeling of being in the real scene, allowing the experiencer to immerse themselves in the virtual created by the film In the environment. Virtual reality applications 1At the same time, with the continuous innovation of virtual reality technology, this technology has also been rapidly developed in the game field. Virtual reality technology is the use of a three-dimensional virtual space generated by a computer, and three-dimensional games are just built on this technology. Three-dimensional games almost include all the technologies of virtual reality, making the game maintain real-time and interactivity while also significantly Improve the realism of the game.

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